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Grand Egyptian Museum
Grand Egyptian Museum
Architectural Competition

Giza, Egypt
Egyptian Ministry of Culture
Participation, 2002

Yannis Kaklamanis, Architect
Athanassios Demiris, Architect
The new museum is not merely a curiosity cabinet, a database, or a container of memories but mostly it is an urban spectacle, an activity and event generator. The museum complex is a gateway to the greater Egyptian culture and a link for understanding world culture. The Giza plateau and the sprawling urban fabric acquire a new relation by the museum complex, which is conceived as an attractor of community inhabitants, tourists, scholars, students, and local visitors. The museum activates the urban surrounding while linking the visitor with the Giza plateau, other archeological and cultural sites of Egypt and allowing possible cultural exchange with the rest of the world. Furthermore the museum becomes a “storefront” for the “projection” of its content, allowing a control on the popularity of the exhibits and their related archeological and historic sites in the rest of Egypt

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