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220 Minute Museum
220 Minute Museum
@ Storefront for Art and Architecture

New York, NY + web traces
Preliminary Design, 1998

Critic: Hani Rashid
Yannis Kaklamanis, Architect
The museum is conceived in a constant spatial flux which responds to the visitor’s movement and gaze. Changing points of view shift the virtual space of storefront proliferating the museum into a trace of the occupants experience. The museum redefines its spatial boundaries according to the visitor’s movement and gaze into a spatial interiority, which is only invaded by the exteriority of the city when the visitor tries to exceed the museum’s boundary. The investigation for the museum of virtuality involved research in the way eyes scan two dimensional images and finding ways to interpret it into spatial flux. Anastasi’s piece of a white gallery wall hung on the same wall was virtualized into a spatial flux based on the eye movement of the observer. The spatial ideas found from these investigations were deployed in the Storefront space.

No available drawings