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City Hall of Agia Paraskevi
City Hall of Agia Paraskevi
Architectural Competition

Agia Paraskevi, Greece
Municipality of Agia Paraskevi
Participation, 2001

Yannis Kaklamanis, Architect
Elissavet Chryssochoide, Architect
The city hall’s presence in the urban fabric, is achieved by maintaining the formality of the building’s volume as well as its facade in the public space, creating a single shell which accommodates all the required functions of the modern city hall. At the same time, the traditional introversion of the city hall is reversed and a building more hospitable and flexible is proposed, by inserting the continuity of the public space and the movement of the urban fabric in the interior of the building. A single continuous surface which can be folded in one direction and cut in two directions is used, with basic restrictions the creation of the desired volume as well as the conservation of the initial surface area. Thus the initial surface, after a series of transformations, monomorphic and non–linear, that were informed by the building program, led to the final surface, which then determined the final organization of the building program. Qualities of spatial fluidity and continuity are achieved within the surface generated single building volume.