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Housing at the River Plate
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Housing at the River Plate
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Preliminary Design, 1999

Critics: Jesse Reisser, Nanako Umemoto
Yannis Kaklamanis, Architect
A three dimensional field drawing was developed based on analysis of high–density housing. Access, circulation (point, lateral), plumbing (kitchens, wc) light and enclosure/structure systems informed the repetition and were informed by it. Commercial program was defined in the dense areas of the field. At the macro scale a system of streets was developed to connect the site with the city and allow access to the housing. At the middle scale a space frame was developed based on the enclosure/structure system of the field. Lateral circulation was woven through the space frame at every other level. The space frame solution allowed for a continuous spatial configuration in which units are defined according to the arrangement of the plumbing and the circulation systems. Kitchens and bathrooms are permanent elements within the spatial matrix while the living space is loosely defined. The system of light wells breaks up the spatial continuity of the space frame and creates regions that are occupied by a group of units. The first level becomes parking with retail space suspended above.

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